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Bird Proofing

Birds, especially pigeons create numerous issues in multiple localities. They not only generate noise and droppings but even a foul smell that is unbearable. For such reasons, it becomes vital to acquire harmless yet highly effectual bird proofing solutions.

We at Reach Nettings Pvt Ltd offer our clients with an impenetrable and discreet form of bird control method – Anti Bird Nets. Our anti birds nets adequately protect open spaces such as loading bays, roofs, and even building structures from all kinds of damages caused by birds of various species. We construct these nets by employing high-density polyethylene. For this reason, the Bird Proofing nets provided by us contain excellent resistance to breakage, corrosion, and UV radiations.

The presence of high-density polyethylene also imparts excellent inertness to these nets. The net, therefore, contains premium resistance to numerous environmental conditions and chemical products. We make sure to serve our client’s requirements to fullest. For this reason, we offer anti-bird nets in variable sizes and dimensions. Customers can procure these nets ranging from 19mm gauge to 75mm gauge. Customers can even order their specific color requirements, but net in standard black, white and stone color are readily available in stock.

In addition to this, our anti-bird net proofing solutions can provide customers with more lucrative gains.


Check the Benefits of Our Bird Proofing Solutions!

  • High-quality nylon is used to make these nets and are extremely strong and durable.
  • They offer a permanent yet harmless form of bird control measure against all kinds of bird-related issues.
  • The nets are rust-proof, non-corrosive and are customizable to any specifications.
  • These are translucent nets that do not obstruct the view or air.
  • The nets provided by us are easily washable and can involve convenient installation and less maintenance.
  • Anti bird net is a long-lasting solution that can protect all kinds of structures.

As Bird Proofing net suppliers, Reach Nettings Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive array of various bird netting solutions, including anti-pigeon nets. Our bird nets can be employed as stand-alone or as a part of huge bird deterrent solution.

All installations of our Bird Proofing Solutions are customizable and guaranteed to last long.

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