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HDPE Extruded Bird Nets

If it is not only your buildings, but even your plants and crops, which demand absolute protection from harmful pests and bird, then all you need is HDPE extruded bird nets offered by us. The HDPE nets supplied by us are not only exceedingly durable in character, but are also the most inexpensive netting solutions available till yet.

You must be wondering that why our products are the best? It is clear! We make use of preeminent quality raw materials and test them stringently prior their utilization. Moreover, the extruded bird nets provided by us are made of UV stabilized high-density polyethylene that imparts brilliant strength to it. The extruded nets are knotless nets that are manufactured with employment of modern technologies.

You can look for our extruded bird nets in some colors and patterns. There are black, white, transparent, and other ‘on-demand’ colors available in diamond and square shape meshes. Not only the length but even the entire mesh size of this netting solution can be customized, exactly according to your needs. Our bird nets boast of countless great features.

  • Sturdy and Long-lasting – The extruded netting solution supplied by us is made with optimum quality HDPE that is chemically compressed with the use of hi-end machines. It, therefore, possesses a rigid structure that is unbreakable, strong, and long-living.
  • Flexible and Convertible – Despite holding the robust structure the netting is exceedingly flexible. It can be stretched to long distances with ease, and hence are ideal to cover and protect large ponds and farms. Moreover, its mesh size, length, color, and pattern can be converted on requests.
  • Economical – This is one such exclusive feature that you might not find in other netting products. These nettings are the most cost-effective way to safeguard buildings and spaces from damages created by pests and birds.
  • Knotless and Seamless – These nets are ‘knot free’, which imply that their construction is simple, compact, yet indestructible. These nets are free from all kinds of the seam and offer an even layout when installed.
  • UV stabilized, and Waterproof – Another remarkable feature of the nets is that they offer complete protection from damages caused by UV rays. The Nets are waterproof and consequently hold great resistance to corrosion or meeting any other kind of destruction.
  • Low Maintenance – The simple and sturdy structure of the nets makes it very easy to install and affordable to maintain. You don’t have to spend tons of money once you get these nets fitted.

The extruded bird netting is ideally suitable for preventing birds from destructing vegetables, fruits, plantations, and other crops. Additionally, they are also helpful in protecting buildings, eaves, garages, attics, homes, and other spaces from roosting birds. You can even employ them for garden netting to protect flowers from meeting any damage. Ponds can be significantly saved from debris and dust with the use of premium bird nets supplied by us.

We at Reach Nettings Pvt. Ltd. guarantee to provide you with complete protection from birds’ at most reliable means. So if you are willing to make a booking or wish to talk to our professional expert, then just make a call to us at – 8800883150.


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