Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bird Net / Pigeon Net & Bird Spike

Do the spikes and net harm birds in any way?

Not at all. Our Spikes and nets does not harm birds in any way.

Can the birds cut the net with their beak or affected by rains?

Birds can not cut our nets. Our nets are UV treated so rain or sun light do not affect them.

What is the best material for bird netting?

How strong is bird netting?

How do you secure bird netting?

How do you connect bird netting together?

Do you provide warranty?

Do you have the experience in installing bird nets and spikes?

How well do bird spikes work?

How long do bird spikes last?

What type of bird spikes work best?

Are bird spikes humane?

Do bird spikes deter pigeons?

Are metal bird spikes illegal?

What are bird spikes made of?

what are the color options for netting?

Do you provide end to end bird netting services?

Is Bird netting and Pigeon spikes installation a durable solution ?

Does bird netting block our balcony and window view?

Is bird netting and Pigeon spikes installation a lasting solution?

How long does the bird net and spikes a last?

Pleated Mosquito Net

Is pleated mesh durable?

Should mosquito net be inside or outside?

What is pleated mosquito net?

Can air pass through mosquito net?

What type of mosquito net is best for windows?

Is pleated mesh installable on UPVC doors and windows?

Do your pleated meshes have warranty?

How do you get dust out of a mosquito net?

Can these meshes damage my doors or windows?

Will your meshes create problems in ventilation of rooms and balconies?

Safety Net

Where should a safety net be rigged?

How many types of safety nets are there?

When should a safety net be installed?

When should a safety net be inspected?

How often safety Nets can be tested?

what is the maximum permissible gap between safety Net and structures?

What is the maximum spacing between Net attachments?

What is the minimum catching width of a fall arrest safety net?

Do you install Safety Net?

What is the maximum mesh size of a safety net?

What is the maximum fall height of safety net?

Invisible grill

Are the invisible grilles actually invisible?

What's the average time required for installing your invisible grille of 100 square feet?

Can these be installed on all windows?

Is it possible to slide open the invisible grille? Can invisible grill be opened?

How strong is invisible grills?

What material is used for invisible grill?

Can invisible grill be removed?

Cricket Net

How much space do cricket nets need?

What is the thickness of cricket net?

Why cricket Practice in net?

How much space do cricket nets need?

What are cricket nets used for?

How long is a cricket practice net?