Pigeon Net for Balcony - How to Select

Best Pigeon Net Installation Practices



As we all know Birds have become are one of the best gift of nature but due to urbanization they have now become nuisance. Specially pigeons cause a lot of problem in our homes. Pigeons as we all know seem to be a peaceful Bird but create a lot of nuisance. They create lot of cleanliness hazards due to their droppings. So to stop Pigeons the Installation of Pigeon Net / Bird Net have become very useful these days.

Pigeon Net as we know comes in different types of material like HDPE, Nylon etc. They also come in different sizes of Meshes and different thickness of threads are being used to make these nets. You always need to select the best Nets depending on your usage and are of application, While finalizing the Bird Net you should always remember few things as below

  • You should always try to get good quality of Net manufactured by reputed Company.

  • Always keep in mind which type of bird you need to stop with the help of Net.

  • For Smaller Bird like Sparrows always try to use smaller mesh size like 19 MM.

  • for Bigger birds like Pigeon you can go with Bigger mesh sizes like 35 MM, 40 MM, 50 MM mesh size.

  • Make sure you always buy Nets which are made from Virgin Polymer so that they have good life in exteriors.

  • Also ensure that the Nets you buy must be UV stabilize for longer life span in exterior application.

  • Do ensure the Net comes in Square not in diamond shape for its beautiful installation so as to enhance aesthetics.

While remembering  all these things during Bird Net and Pigeon Net Installation we should always try to find good installation team.  Bird Net for Balcony can procured from lot of good vendores and can also be procured online from various good sellers /  sites.