Pleated Mosquito Net Windows

Pleated Mosquito Net Windows are one of the best options available to install mosquito Nets for different types of windows. These Pleated Nets can be installed on Windows with openable as well as Sliding door Options. These Windows are good options for Windows and help to Stop Mosquitoes and Insects. These Pleated Mosquito Net can be installed as Option for Mosquito Net for different types of windows like UPVC, Wooden, aluminum etc.

These Pleated Mosquito Net windows can be installed on 2 Track / 3 Track Sliding Windows. They have now become acceptable by people nowadays. They serve the purpose of old Mosquito Nets and meanwhile look beautiful and smart. They can be installed nearly on all windows and need very little space for installation. Some features are as below

  • These Mosquito Net can be installed on either types of windows like openable or Sliding.

  • These Pleated Nets are easy to Clean and easy to operate.

  • They are the best solution to stop entry of Mosquitoes.

  • Once we slide to open they can be seen ,

  • These Pleated mosquito Net stops only Mosquitoes and provide free flow of Air and Light.

  • These Pleated Mosquito Net for windows nearly need no maintenance as compared to old options.

Pleated Mosquito Net on window with a glass door of window
Pleated Mosquito Net on window with a glass door of window