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GSM 20
Roll Size 20 Meters
Mesh Type Diamond
Color Black
UV Stabilized Yes

Introduction To Our Agriculture Bird Net Sales

Welcome to Reach Nettings Solutions! If you want to protect your crops or property from birds then you have come to the right place. We supply and avail high-quality bird nets such as agriculture bird nets and agriculture pigeon nets. These nets prevent the birds from getting to your fruits, vegetables, and fields so that you will be able to harvest well.

Our bird nets are durable and are meant to provide you with the protection of your produce and your property. When you select to cooperate with Reach Nettings Solutions, you are choosing only the best products and profound customer care. Avoid any loss from bird attacks using our agriculture bird nets and agriculture pigeon nets for your fields and gardens.

Try Reach Nettings Solutions today and protect your crops from damaging birds effortlessly.

Uses of Agriculture Bird Net

Agriculture bird nets are very useful products for farmers and owners of orchards and plantations. They assist in preventing depredation of crops by birds hence enhancing the production of crops. Now, let’s discuss how these nets are applied, such as bird nets, agriculture bird nets, and agriculture pigeon nets, particularly in orchards and crop farms.

Protecting Orchards

Orchards with fruit trees are often targeted by birds. Birds like to eat ripe fruits and can cause big losses for farmers. Using a bird net in orchards can help prevent this. Here are some specific uses:

Fruit Protection:

  • Bird nets surround the trees to prevent birds from pecking the fruits.
  • This is very important especially for fruits that attract birds such as apples, cherries, and grapes.

Reducing Fruit Wastage:

  • With agriculture bird nets, farmers are able to protect many of their fruits from being destroyed by birds.
  • This means that more fruits can be sold, meaning that the farmer gets more money.

Maintaining Fruit Quality:

  • Avians consequently puncture the fruits and cause blemishes which makes them less valuable.
  • Agriculture pigeon nets assist in preserving the fruits hence making them appealing to the buyers.

Protecting Crop Farms

Crop farms also benefit a lot from using agriculture bird nets. Here’s how they are used:


  • Some of the crops that are threatened by birds include wheat, corn, and sunflowers among others.
  • Pigeon nets and other agriculture bird nets are spread across the fields to avoid birds eating the seeds and the crops.

Ease of Installation:

  • Birds feed on seeds that have not developed into plants.
  • Bird netting is effective since it will allow the seeds to germinate and grow into healthy plants.


  • This is a valid argument because when farmers shield their crops from birds, they are able to produce more crops.
  • This is crucial for being certain there will be sufficient food and for increasing the revenue of the farm.


There are agriculture bird nets which include agriculture pigeon nets which play a very important role of protecting orchards and crop farms from bird damage. It assists in guaranteeing more yields, better quality in the farming produce and, consequently, more profits to the farmers. Through this bird net, farmers will also be able to protect all the efforts and time they have invested in farming and help in the conservation of sustainable farming methods. 

In-Depth Specifications of Agriculture Bird Net

Reach Nettings Solutions: our bird nets are of the best quality and help in preserving your crops and property. The bird nets that we provide are for the agriculture use specifically for farmers and orchard owners and we make sure our nets are durable. The following are the specifics on our bird net together with the benefits.

GSM: 20

The bird net’s GSM is twenty grams per square metre. This implies that the net used is light in weight and at the same time has the ability to shield your crops. It is therefore easy to handle and install due to its rating of 20 GSM and can be used in a variety of farming types ranging from the garden size to orchards and crop farming.

Roll Size: 20 Metres

Our agriculture bird net has a roll size of 20 metres. This means you get a much longer netting piece to cover wider areas of the ground at once. The 20-metre roll lets you roll through more terrain without rolling multiple times, thus maintaining your efficiency.

Mesh Type: Diamond

Our bird net is of mesh type and the diamond shaped mesh is used to cover the birds. It is rather effective in excluding birds from entering buildings and other structures. The diamond mesh does not allow birds to sneak through the mesh and feed on the crops. This is beneficial more so when used in protecting fruits, vegetables and grains from birds which is healthy for any farmer.

Colour: Black

Bird nets are available in black colour. Black is non-intrusive when placed around and birds cannot easily spot it due to its colour. This assists in increasing the effectiveness of the net because birds are not likely to notice the net or attempt to penetrate it.

UV Stabilised: Yes

Another aspect that stands out with the agriculture bird nets is that they are UV stabilised. This means the netting is coated to endure light exposure as per the institution without degrading quickly. UV stabilisation allows the bird net to become strong and effective for so many seasons making the bird net resistant. This is very bad for farmers who require long-term pest control protection on their crops.

Agriculture bird nets, or our agriculture pigeon nets, play an important role in safeguarding your crops. Therefore, product attributes such as 20 GSM rating, 20-metre roll size, diamond mesh type, black colour, and UV stabilisation make our bird nets functional and long-lasting. Our high quality bird nets help to defend your crops and have a favourable yield in the future.


The best solution to prevent birds from invading your crops and properties is to hire Reach Nettings Solutions for your bird nets. Our agriculture bird nets and agriculture pigeon nets are long lasting and are efficient in preventing bird invasions.

This makes our bird nets light with specific characteristics such as diamond mesh, UV stabilisation, and black in colour which makes it difficult to be seen easily from a distance. They ensure your crops do not fall victim to birds and hence you are assured of a healthy and big harvest.

If you are interested in purchasing good quality bird nets, Reach Nettings Solutions is at your service. Friendly services, specialised products, and services, and high quality are the reasons farmers opt for us, or orchard owners to be precise. Safe your fields , orchards and gardens from birds and pigeons with our agriculture bird nets and agriculture pigeon nets.

Try Reach Nettings Solutions and feel the distinctions ourselves. Let our experience and commitment help you to protect your crops from birds, so you could have a good yield and make profit every year.

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