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Pleated Mosquito Net Door
Mesh Polyester
Frame Aluminium
Color White / Black / Brown
Mesh Color Grey / Black

Welcome to Reach Nettings Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for Pleated Mosquito Net Door Solutions

We at Reach Nettings Solutions offer quality pleated mosquito net doors that ensure your home or office is protected from insects. You can hire our full installation services to have it done by our experts.

Some of our products are window and door pleated mosquito nets. These nets are durable and effective, gliding perfectly to operate and to be closed and opened again. It makes them look nice and keeps mosquitoes and other bugs out of our space as well.

At Reach Nettings Solutions it is therefore our mission to offer our esteemed customers with the best customer services and products. Use our pleated mosquito nets to have a comfortable environment and, at the same time, protect yourself from insects. People are welcome to contact us today to know more about our products and services being offered. 

Uses of the Pleated Mosquito Net Door

A pleated mosquito net door is a great way to keep insects out of your home while looking good. Here are some important uses of pleated mosquito nets:

  • Pleated Mosquito Net for Doors: It has a pleated mosquito net door which is very useful in avoiding the ingress of mosquitoes and other insects. It permits fresh air into the house without allowing insects into the house as well. This is especially good for main entrance doors, doors to the patio, terrace and any other frequently used doors. 
  • Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows: Owning a pleated mosquito net for windows is useful for preventing insects from getting in while allowing fresh air in. These nets can easily accommodate various sizes and types of windows. They are fashionable and do not hinder your sight in any way. This is because the design includes a pleated material, which allows the net to collapse in on itself when the net is not being used.
  • Pleated Mosquito Net for Balconies: It turns out balconies are perfect spots for laying about, too bad they allow mosquitoes and other biting insects in. This mosquito net for the balcony looks rather stylish and makes the space comfortable and protected from insects. The special design also looks attractive and functions well to keep insects at bay while you are using your balcony. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Durability and Strength: Pleated mosquito nets are made of sturdy and durable fabrics. They are durable and can therefore serve for a long period of time. This implies that your pleated mosquito net door or window will serve you well for several years.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pleated mosquito nets can also be easily cleaned. You can wash them with soapy water and a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. They are therefore suitable for families that have a tight schedule.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: New design of the pleated mosquito nets has adopted the modern world look in the rooms. They are available in different colours and designs to blend with your home appearance to enhance its internal and external beauty.

In conclusion, pleated mosquito nets are among the most practical and efficient means to keep insects from invading your home or office. For those who require a pleated mosquito door net or window or balcony net, these nets give you a strong and appealing barrier against insects. There are better models of the mosquito nets that are pleated to make the room comfortable all year without insects.

Specifications of Pleated Mosquito Net Door

At Reach Nettings Solutions, we offer high-quality pleated mosquito nets to protect your home from insects. These nets look good and work well. Here are the detailed specifications for our pleated mosquito net door:

  • Mesh Material: Polyester The pleated mosquito net has the ability to be made of polyester mesh only. This material is very durable and also has a long life thus your pleated mosquito net door will serve you for many years. The polyester mesh allows free airflow into the house while at the same time locking out mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Frame Material: Aluminium The frame of our pleated sliding mosquito door is made from high-quality aluminium. Aluminium is a strong material that cannot rust; therefore, it is ideal for use in the frame. This makes sure that your pleated mosquito net for windows and doors remains as strong and as dependable as possible. The aluminium frame also gives the product a modern and sleek look thus enhancing the beauty of your home.
  • Colour Options: White / Black / Brown The mosquito net doors are pleated and available in three nice shades, namely white, black and brown. This allows you to select the colour that meets the style of the house you live in. If you need white for a clean appearance, black for a powerful appearance or brown for a warm appearance then we have just what you are looking for.
  • Mesh Colour: Grey / Black The material used to make the pleated mosquito net door is grey and black mesh. The grey mesh looks quite sleek and can blend in well with any colour. Definitely, the black mesh looks more pronounced and stylish, suitable for homes with dark colour schemes. Both options help your pleated mosquito net door to look good while at the same time repelling insects.

Additional Features:

  • Smooth Operation: The pleated sliding mosquito door also operates on a track which gives it a smooth movement when opening and closing. This is advantageous to all the inhabitants of the family.
  • Versatility: These nets are designed to fit doors, windows as well as balconies, which means they will address the need of protecting the entire house from insects.

Our pleated mosquito nets are good to choose as your home insect repellent reception while also being fashionable. Made of strong polyester mesh that is resistant to mildew, chenille and mildew, these nets have aluminium frames that are long lasting and come in various colours.

Professional Installation by Reach Nettings Solutions

Reach Nettings Solutions provides professional installation service on the used mosquito nets, specifically the pleated mosquito netting. Our company has had more than fifteen years in installing pleated mosquito nets. Our experienced staff of over fifty people has done over one thousand instillations to ensure that all our customers are offered the best.

When making a decision to use our professional installation service, you are deciding to select competency and precision. We understand where to fix pleated mosquito net doors, smo sliding mosquito doors, and pleated mosquito nets for windows. Your pleated mosquito net should be the right size and should slide easily.

Our mosquito net doors are both functional and fashionable since they come in a pleated form. They exclude insects while ensuring your home looks good. When you hire our exterminators for our professional installation service, you can be assured that your pleated mosquito net door will be installed properly and within the shortest time possible, thus eliminating bugs from your home.

Here at Reach Nettings Solutions, the happiness of the customers is paramount to us. It is our organisational culture to ensure that we deliver quality goods and services. If you require a pleated mosquito for windows or a pleated sliding mosquito door we are here to assist you. You can rely on us for professional installation, tailored to your requirements and to your satisfaction.

For all your pleated mosquito net installation needs, trust Reach Nettings Solutions to make your home comfortable without harbouring insects. Contact us today to find out more about us and how we can be of assistance to you.


In conclusion, at Reach Nettings Solutions, you get the best quality of pleated mosquito nets to ensure that your home or working place is safe from insects. The pleated mosquito net doors, pleated sliding mosquito doors, and our power pleated mosquito nets for windows are functional and attractive. Made of durable polyester mesh and high-quality aluminium frames, our mosquito nets effectively shield you and enhance your room’s appearance.

In case you intend to install the pleated mosquito net door independently or you need the professional service from our company you can be assured you will get a good job done. We ensure all our installations are up to the standard and that you enjoy your space free

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