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Construction Safety Net
Mesh Size 50 MM
Twine Size 2.5 MM
Mesh Type Square
Color Green / White / Black
UV Stabilized Yes
Types Only Border / Double Layer / Triple Layer

Introduction to Our Construction Safety Net Sales

It is always very essential to ensure that all the persons in a construction site are safe. Welcome to Reach Nettings Solution, We specialise in construction safety nets. These nets are useful in that they shield the workers and people in the surrounding areas from possible mishaps.

We provide you with very strong construction safety nets that will help to ensure that your construction site is secure. A safety net for construction sites is useful because it not only discourages people from falling off the site but also keeps the access area safe as well. We ensure that our safety nets have adhered to all the safety requirements as required by the law

The construction safety net comes in various sizes as we strive to avail the particular size needed by the size of your building or construction site. Our sales team ensure that you get the best quality product at best possible size.

So, if you decide to purchase a construction safety net in Reach Netting, you get high-quality safety solutions. In combating construction risks, our construction safety nets are strong and ideal for any construction climates. It is our pleasure to welcome you to contact us today and inform you on how you can make your construction site safer.

Uses of Construction Safety Net: Ensuring Safety and Protection

Fall Protection

The most important application of construction safety nets is to guard the construction workers against falls. It should be noted that these nets are installed around the building to catch the workers in case they fall off. This important safety measure helps to minimise the number of critical injuries and rates of mortalities, thus making the construction site safer for all workers.

Debris Containment

They are also used to arrest falling debris in construction sites. Accidents such as tools, materials and all objects that can be used during construction can cause harm by falling from heights. Our construction safety nets capture such debris to avoid posing threats to the people working there and to maintain clean surroundings.

Worker Safety

Preserving the lives of workers is always a goal that must be achieved in any construction site. These construction safety nets provide a safe working condition for individuals constructing a particular building since they are safeguarded from falling or being hurt by things falling on them. This makes the workers feel and perform better making the project a success due to enhanced safety.

Environmental Protection

Building construction involves a lot of wastage and this leads to environmental pollution when not well disposed of. Safety nets during construction assist in preventing and holding this debris thus preventing it from affecting other areas. Through the application of safety nets, construction firms demonstrate a concern of preserving the environment.

Protection from Falling Objects

In addition to shielding construction workers from falls, construction safety nets also shield them from falling objects. People, tools, equipment, and other materials can be dropped from heights which is very risky. Our construction safety nets contain these objects and make the working environment safe for the people working in that area.

Construction Safety Net Sizes

At Reach Netting Solutions, we also understand that different construction projects are unique in their way. This is why we provide construction safety nets of different dimensions to accommodate the sizes of various constructions and locations. Do you require a small net for a particular area or a large net to cover a large portion of the construction area, we have you covered.

Employing construction safety nets is a wise decision for any construction site. Construction safety nets help in making the working environment safe and effective through offering fall protection, debris control, protection of workers, protection of the environment as well as shield from falling objects. For more information on our installation services or to find out how Reach Nettings Solution Solutions can help make your construction site safer call us now.

Construction Safety Net Installation Service Specifications

Mesh Size: 50 MM

The mesh size of the construction safety nets we use is 50 MM. It is ideal for collecting the falling materials and preventing the workers from falling too. The size of 50 MM of the net guarantees that it provides sufficient durability to secure big items while not being too heavy or too cumbersome to install. This makes our safety nets suitable for a variety of construction work in buildings.

Twine Size: 2.5 MM

Construction safety nets twine size is 2.5 MM. This thickness makes the nets very strong and which can endure hard conditions and forceful shocks. The 2.5 MM twine also makes sure that the safety net is durable enough for extended use providing protection to the construction areas.

Mesh Type: Square

The type of construction safety nets that we have is a square mesh type. The arrangement of squares on the mesh means that any pressure that may be exerted on it will not concentrate at any one area hence minimising cases of tear or destruction. This type of mesh is ideal in the construction of the safety nets as building construction because it has equal strength and stability.

Colour Options: Green, White, Black

Reach Nettings Solution Solutions offers construction safety nets in three colours: primary colours are green, white and black. These colours are not mere aesthetics; there is more to them than meets the eye. Green nets complement the outdoors, white nets provide an additional layer of visibility for more safety, while black nets look professional. Select the colour that will be most useful for your construction site.

UV Stabilised: Yes

Everything that we use in construction safety nets is UV stabilised. This implies that they are protected to minimise the impacts of the sun’s UV radiation. UV stabilisation allows the nets to maintain their strength, elasticity, and not to tear even if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. This feature is important in maintaining the strength and safety of the nets on the construction sites.

Types of Construction Safety Nets

We offer three types of construction safety nets to meet different safety needs:

Only Border: These nets have a bordering which is normally stronger in the peripheral region of the nets. They are well suited for general use especially at construction sites whereby the major risk is falling and other falling objects. 

Double Layer: Thus, double layer construction safety nets are extra precautionary measures. This type is suitable where one expects to engage in risky activities in the project or where more measures are required to enhance safety. 

Triple Layer: Our three-tier construction safety nets provide the maximum level of protection for the construction site. These nets are specifically developed for few of the most complex construction segments where safety cannot be an issue at all.They provide superior strength and durability, ensuring the utmost safety for workers and the environment.


At Reach Nettings Solution, we understand how crucial it is to ensure that construction sites are secure. We provide construction safety nets which assist in protecting construction workers and individuals around the construction site from accidents and potential injuries. 

They are manufactured in different sizes to suit all the construction of safety net building constructions. They come in a 50 MM mesh size and 2. 5 MM twine size, making them durable and long lasting. The square mesh type and UV stabilisation confirm that they are capable of enduring harsh situations and are very durable.

If you need a safety net with only a border or a border on each side, or even two borders or three borders, do not hesitate, we have just what you are looking for! Visit Reach Netting Solutions now for construction safety net.

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