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HDPE Bird Net
Mesh Size 25MM / 35MM / 40MM / 50MM
Twine Size 280 D / 15 ply
Type of Mesh Square
Color White / Black / Green / Natural White
UV Stabilized Yes

Introduction to Reach Nettings HDPE Bird Netting Sales & Services

Welcome to High Density Polyethylene Bird Netting Service. Bird exclusion nets come in for eradicating unwanted birds with much efficiency in your house or workplace. Our bird net is durable that makes it certain that your areas remain free from birds and their mess. Whether it is pigeons or other birds that are causing problems, our HDPE bird net is the best answer when it comes to keeping the birds off your property.

We are in a position to ensure provision of quality bird netting services that are efficient. Our nets are manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE) which makes them strong and durable. Also are the UV stabilised which enable them to be used under direct sunlight and other harsh weathers.

Pigeons are inconveniencing because they dirty the surrounding with their droppings, yet with our pigeon net the area won’t be spoiled. The anti-bird net removes birds’ ability to perch and rooster where they should not, avoiding primary sources of health hazard and property destruction.

When using our bird netting service, the birds you are discouraging are not harmed in any way. Our team of specialists then install the nets professionally as well as we provide the quality material to our customers which they can get it installed by their own sources , thus you will never have to worry about birds in your compound again. Trusted for a clean and safe area that birds interfere with, rely on our HDPE bird net to solve the problem for you.

Uses of HDPE Bird Net

Using bird nets made out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is very useful because they can be installed virtually anywhere to deter birds. A list of typical services of bird netting is described below to indicate how and where bird nets are useful:

Hotels: Birds can sing, defecate, and vandalise various parts of the hotel. With our bird netting service, hotels get a solution for shielding eating areas, balconies, and windows from birds. This assists in achieving a clean and relatively noise-free environment for guests in the hotel.

Balconies: Balconies are another area where birds, particularly pigeons, like to perch. This can make the balcony appear dirty and then one may not be able to use it for some time. Our pigeon net for balcony areas is a good way to keep pigeons away. The HDPE bird net offered is tough and long-lasting, thus ensuring the birds are unable to invade your balcony to even form nests.

Offices: Birds can also make windows and rooftops to be smeared with different things making them look unclean. Offices can make their buildings bird-free by availing the bird netting service from us. The anti bird net can be attached to the windows and roofs to prevent formation of nests and destructing things.

Warehouses: Stocks are goods that should remain safe and clean and that is why they are stored in warehouses. Birds can contaminate the goods and make the warehouse environment unhygienic. This bird net is ideal for keeping birds away from warehouses. HDPE bird net is very strong and has excellent tensile strength.

Windows: Birds at times crash against windows or attempt to build their nests on ledges of windows. This can harm the birds and disturb those who are inside the car. With our bird netting service you can cover your windows from birds which can get into accidents flying from the glass or building a nest on it and use HDPE bird net.

Hospitals: Hospitals must be highly sanitary and secure. It is not very suitable for hospitals since birds can spread diseases and defecate on surfaces. Our bird net is the perfect solution to prevent birds from hospitals. Through our anti bird net, hospitals will be able to prevent birds from laying eggs and building nests on roofs, windows, and balconies.

To sum up, HDPE bird netting service is perfect to prevent birds from entering such zones as hospitals, hotels, warehouses, offices, balconies, windows, and rooftops. Therefore by using our bird net, you are able to keep your spaces clean, safe and away from the destructive fury of birds. The pigeon net for balcony areas and anti bird nets are ones that we offer to ensure the best protection and are built to last.

Specification of HDPE Bird Net

If you want to keep birds away from your home or office, our HDPE bird net is the best choice. Here’s why our bird netting service is perfect for you:
Strong and Durable Twine Size: The twine sizes of our bird nets are 280 D/ 15 ply and we use fairly strong and durable twine. This implies that our bird net still remains intact even when birds are perched on it hence can bear the weight of the birds.

Different Colour Options: Our HDPE bird nets are offered in various colours such as White, Black, Green, and Natural White. This means that you can choose a colour that seems to look perfect on the wall. We have the right colour if you want the bird net to be nearly invisible, or simply blend into its surroundings. UV Stabilised for Long Life: Our bird nets are UV stabilised. This means they are coated so that they will not be influenced by the UV rays from the sun. This allows the nets to be strong even when they are left under direct sunlight for weeks or even days.

Different Mesh Sizes: We have different mesh sizes of the HDPE bird nets: 25MM, 35MM, 40MM, and 50MM. This is implied to mean that you could choose the proper size that would accommodate different birds that you want to exclude; it could accommodate small sparrows and even large pigeons too.

Square Mesh Design: The kinds of bird nets which we have are those that come with a square mesh. This design makes it impossible for birds to penetrate, but at the same time allows circulation of air and ushering in of light. Thus, your space remains open to fresh air and free from birds at the same time.

UV Stabilised for Long Life: This means they are coated so that they will not be influenced by the UV rays from the sun. This allows the nets to be strong even when they are left under direct sunlight for weeks or even days. UV stabilisation is required to keep the net with high tensile strength and durable enough for the outside area throughout the year.

Complete Bird Control Solution: Bird control is effectively provided by our high density polyethylene bird netting service. It acts as an anti-bird net in many areas including our homes, working places, and even farming places. This keeps birds from perching and nesting where they are not desirable, thereby promoting cleanliness and safety of the area.
Thus, deciding on our HDPE bird netting solution means selecting a safe and efficient method of bird control. Our bird net is designed to provide maximum protection for the longest time to convert your spaces into cleaner, bird-free, and safer zones. Choose our bird netting service for any bird control issues and get your property bird-free in no time.

Professional Installation by Us

You can hire our bird netting services with our professional installation included. Our company has the experience of 20 years in installation and sales of nets so we know how it shall be done. We have a specially designed bird net that will help you keep your areas free of birds and their mess.

These nets are durable and efficient in providing the pigeons with firm walls by preventing them from perching on the balcony walls. The material of the bird nets is of superior quality and hence they can be used for a long time to come. Our anti bird net solutions are suitable for residential, commercial, hospital, hotel, warehouse, and almost all kinds of buildings and factories.

Of course, it is known that an environment without birds is necessary. Professional installation is applied to our bird net and guarantees that all of them are well fixed. It means birds cannot penetrate and they cannot create nests and mess. Bird netting service that we offer is one that people turn it for the protection of their space against birds.

As for us, we have been on the market for twenty years, so when you order at our service, you are going to work with professionals. Quality is a concept we uphold in addition to ensuring that all our customers are satisfied. We have pigeon nets and anti bird nets to meet your requirements and assure that birds and your property remain separated.

Our professional installation will enable you to get the best results. Our bird net, pigeon net for balcony, and anti bird net solutions will help you avoid all these and keep your surroundings clean. For the best bird repellent solution that guarantees effectiveness contact our bird netting services for birds.


Hence, our service of supplying HDPE bird netting is the best solution in case you want to keep your spaces free from birds. In your home, office, hospital, hotel, warehouse, balcony, windows, and rooftops, it is now possible to stop birds and their nuisance and havoc with our premium bird nets. We supply different mesh sizes and colour of the high density polyethylene bird nets which are strong and UV stabilised.

Our professional installation service that has been operational for more than 20 years ensures that your bird net is well and properly positioned. If you need a pigeon net which is necessary in a balcony or an anti bird net needed in any other area, we can provide it.If you hire our bird netting service, you are choosing the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly way of bird management.

Rest assured we will provide you the best service in terms of security and cleanliness of your compounds. Therefore when you fix our HDPE bird nets you can be rest assured you are creating a bird free environment. If you need bird netting for your home or business, we suggest that you choose Reach Nettings Solution. Contact us today and get your spaces free from birds and clean with our efficient bird control services.

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