Pigeon Net

We have variety of Pigeon nets to select from. These Nets generally have different Mesh Sizes ranging from 35 MM to 50 MM. Bigger Mesh Sizes stops entry of Pigeons and stop the nuisance caused by them. Generally people prefers to have nets with mesh sizes 19 MM / 25 MM but as per practical approach smaller Mesh sizes are not required to stop the Pigeon. Usually in houses and offices we face problems from pigeons in our balcony area so best option for solving the issue is Pigeon Net for Balcony.

Pigeon Net for Balcony

Selecting Pigeon Nets with bigger Mesh sizes have lots of benefits such as

  • Small Mesh Size Nets comes with higher price tag as compared to Pigeon Net price

  • Pigeon Net comes with Bigger Mesh Sizes so they are less visible and thus looks more beautiful esthetically.

Beautiful Installation of Pigeon Net at office